The Gurls’ Club is an Initiative created by Zazi,  

Zazi is an African Financial Empowerment Accelerator For Women. 

At Zazi, we educate, create awareness, develop programs, design technology, build communities, partner with organisations to support women to manage workplace, entrepreneurship and Financial challenges as  principal pillars of Female Financial Empowerment in Africa

TGC is an initiative created for, to serve and to support working women in Africa walking their financial empowerment journey. 

They have the boys club, now we have ‘The Gurl’s Club’

An African woman is faced by unique challenges in her workplace, entrepreneurship and financial life that creates barriers for her financial empowerment.

At TGC, we have curated a space where a woman can access support to manage and overcome these unique challenges for their empowerment.

We grant access to  information, education, access to experts, resources, opportunities and community curated for working women in Africa.

We are a  community of like minded ambitious women, we are learning , keeping well and thriving.

Join us